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Board Minutes

Council MIN

Archive of MINUTES and Board membership

Board Minutes for Rome City including:

Town Council, Zoning, Plan Commission, Conservancy, Redevelopment, Park Board, and Youth Baseball.


BZA meetings every 3rd Thursday 6:30 & 7:00 pm


Judy Fox, Chair

Kelly Morris, VP

​Leigh Pranger, Sec

Chris Coe

Mike Friskney

Barb Tatman



Kelly Morris, Pres 

Kirk Klein, VP

​Leigh Pranger, Sec

Joe Bertels

Brent Leiter

Kirk Klein

Steven Cole


Conservancy MIN MAR 2021

RC Conservancy Commission meetings are called as needed.

This government entity maintains and operates the town dam.


Dave Abbott, Chair
John Mazur, VC
Leigh Pranger, Sec
Jay Morley​

John Klaassen

​Cheryl Clifton

PARK Board

Park Board meetings 3rd Monday of each month 5:30 pm
Tina Wilkinson, Pres

John Martin VP
Bridgett Coe
John Martin

Doug Maley


RC  Redevelopment Commission meetings are called as needed.


(one-year appointments)


Leigh Pranger
Randy Pippenger
Dan Beall
Nick Heffner
Jeff Cybulski
Brad Anderson


Scotty Ritchie, Pres

​John Martin, VP

Malissa Speicher, Treas
​​Leigh Pranger, Sec

Todd Patrick,
Tye Bloomfield


"The Town of Rome City does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information and links on our website; We provide these documents for informational purposes only.

The town also does not accept official notice through contact from the website."

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